Comparing reading paragraph after paragraph, information visualization is a powerful way to convey knowledge and help people to easily understand complex subjects. Typographic technician Aaron Kuehn has created a collection of designs (Typograms) that use typography to construct the things about which they are informing us. The results are ingeniously developed and educational at the same time.

As Kuehn mentioned “My typographic artwork is arranged to communicate a comprehensive understanding of a complete system to the viewer in a format that encourages discovery and specific learning and simultaneously a holistic understanding of the interrelationships within a system. The most enjoyable part of creating my typographic artwork is doing the foundational research. Only once I completely understand the systems myself can I start to translate that understanding into a novel, useful, compact, and possibly elegant artwork.”

Below are some of Kuehn’s work and you can fine more from his website. If you like these creative work, you can get there prints as well.

Muscular Typogram [source]
Brain Typogram [source]
Skeleton Typogram [source]
Rifle Typogram [source]
Bicycle Typogram [source]
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