What mysteries lie ahead in 2022 and beyond? Take your future into your own hands with this Crystal Ball Gin. Just give the bottle a gentle swirl and as you lose yourself in the glistening, shimmering spirit.

Is that true? Of course not. Proudly distilled in England, this enigmatic potion perfectly blends together notes of cherry and hibiscus for a delicately sweet and floral palette. While subtle hints of elderberry introduce a tart balance and endow the gin with its striking purple hue.

So, is it just another bottle of Gin. Not all! There is a light concealed within the base of the orb-shaped bottle. After pressing the button, it illuminates the spirit to create a mystical glittery glow. It is an otherworldly drinking experience!

I guess it deserves to be front and center in your drinks cabinet. If you are preparing for your romantic Valentine table, it might be worth having a bottle with you, even not for drinking.

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