When I was a kid, my parents usually took me to the shopping mall and had a photo with Santa every Christmas. It is pretty tradition to do it in Christmas time but this year, the tradition seems to be extended a little bit. Not only kids, but dogs as well can be photographed around spotlight in their holiday spirit.

The staff from Frog Dog Studios spent countless hours (and hot glue burns) finished making a variety of different headdresses and collars for our furry friends to wear. Then they worked with a local doggie daycare (Urban Paws, Yarraville)and a local charity (Pets of the Homeless, Cheltenham), these three partners spent 6 days photographing 112 dogs in 3 different location. Each photography session only lasted 10-15 min. The expressions were captured through a combination of treats and noises. Using treats to get the animal’s interest and guide the gaze towards the camera then a sudden silly noise elicits the reactions were captured here.

When they stayed at Pets of the Homeless, they donated the photo session fees to the charity to help the stray animals. Take a look at some of the photos from this activity. Some of them are actually pretty good. Now, I start to wonder, will that become a new tradition.

More: Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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