The original purpose of resin is to transfer stress between the reinforcing fibers, act as a glue to hold the fibers together, and protect the fibers from mechanical and environmental damage. While in these days, resin has taken the arts and crafts world by storm. From stunning jewelry, to beautiful decoration or awe-inspiring pieces of furniture, this material can be found in almost any creative product. And today, we will show you how artist Tomka (Etsy) use resin in her incredible jewelry design.

Tomka’s designs feature beautiful botanical elements like flowers, leaves, and small creatures like butterflies and birds. She also has a very special line which is modeled after arched glass windows. These are not just normal, plain windows. Tomka carefully painted the surrounding scenes on window panel. So when these pieces are held up to the light, it feels like you are looking through real window.

Pretty unique right? Although the window ones are Tomka’s most impressive work, personally I still like the butterfly and fox tail one mostly. Maybe I just can’t imagine myself with two windows hanging on my ears.

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