The world of tattooing is constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries of design and technique. In this ever-changing landscape, Sydney-based artist Jonny Hall has taken innovation to new heights with his unique approach to body art. Using ultraviolet light and specially formulated UV ink, Hall has created a mesmerizing style he calls UVealism—a brilliant fusion of UV (ultraviolet) and realism.

Hall’s artistic vision comes to life as he introduces a blue glow into his realistic tattoos. By strategically incorporating UV ink, his creations take on a whole new dimension when exposed to a blacklight. The result is nothing short of extraordinary, with elements of the tattoo seemingly coming alive in a vibrant, luminescent display.

From awe-inspiring angel wings to intricate panda portraits, Hall’s UVealism subject matter spans a wide range. In each piece, the UV ink serves as an accent, whether as a border surrounding the overall design or as glowing eyes on a human or animal face. The effects are both astonishing and unexpected, as the embedded elements in the skin transform into radiant, otherworldly entities. It’s as if we have stepped into the pages of a science-fiction story, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur.

Hall explains his use of luminous ink in his tattoos, highlighting the distinctive qualities of UV ink compared to traditional black tattoo ink. In a short documentary, he notes that UV ink is more challenging to work with due to its thinner consistency. While he acknowledges that he isn’t the first to utilize this special material in tattoos, he has certainly pushed the envelope with his innovative approach. By seamlessly blending the artistry of realism tattoos with the mesmerizing effects of UV ink, Hall has birthed a new realm of possibilities within the tattoo community.

Jonny Hall’s UVealism tattoo art is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the tattoo industry. As artists continue to push boundaries and explore new techniques, the possibilities for self-expression and creativity expand. Through his groundbreaking use of UV ink, Hall invites us to reimagine the art of tattooing and embrace the radiant beauty that lies beneath the surface of our skin.

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