With a pitch roof design, clerestory windows, and a colorful front door, COOP’s chicken coop looks more like a modern pre-fab structure for humans than a traditional chicken coop. However, this is no ordinary coop. Made from double-walled, recyclable plastic using a rotational molding technique that imparts YETI coolers with their durability and insulation, this coop is designed to keep your feathered friends safe and sound.

Inside, the coop is equipped with an IoT camera that allows you to monitor your flock from anywhere using a compatible app. The Run & Roost cams have 1080p resolution, event recording, night vision, and motion alerts. You can even schedule the remote control front door to open and close throughout the day.

The coop’s design is also incredibly convenient for owners. A hatch allows for easy egg collection, while swing doors on the side make cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

While the nearly $2,000 price tag might be a bit steep for some, the comfort and convenience that COOP’s chicken coop design offers both owners and chickens alike make it a worthwhile investment for any backyard poultry enthusiast.

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