Based in Ukraine, Zoloto is a self-taught paper artist. Began her paper cutouts when studying in university, Zoloto’s talent at paper cutting started to shine. Her creations have continued to grow in intricacy and size.

Although Zoloto has many impressive work, we want to focus on her fashionable paper dress series. She uses basic cutting utensils to transform ordinary paper into the dresses of her dreams – she takes fashion illustration to the next level.

From flowing white gowns to structured black frocks, these fantastical paper garments feature feminine silhouettes and a variety of ornate patterns based on flora and fauna. Twisting vines, winding snakes, flying birds and of course, large flowers are common elements on these paper dress. The artist presents her final work by holding it up in front of her body, treating it as a wearable item of clothing.

Below are some of Zoloto’s paper dresses artwork and you can find more on her Instagram page. If you want to purchase original paper cutout, you can pay a visit to Zoloto’s Etsy shop.

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