Fascinating X-Ray Photography

Invertebrates become spineless wonders as they are given the x-ray treatment. X-ray was invented to look at bones, but creatures with no bones take on another dimension.These creatures share the same earth as us but have alien looking internal parts. The images elevate the insects from scary to outright frightening!

x-ray photography

x-ray photography

x-ray photography

x-ray photography

x-ray photography


A colourful still life x-ray arrangement of apples and pears showing the yellow and orange hues of whiskey distillation.

x-ray photography

Dried Dendrobium flower head
x-ray photography

Traditional Rose
x-ray photography

Animal x-rays however have a brutal beauty.
x-ray photography

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10 Responses

  1. jordan says:

    wow… most of them are fake. gj

  2. james says:

    they’re mostly fake

  3. Notturno says:

    No they aren’t fake. He makes it with real bodies (for instance in a morgue). Great photos

  4. great pictures and it is really a great creation. these pictures are looking like real x ray pictures.

  5. deeper voice says:

    that is super cool, I loved the Hairdryer

  6. how to get tall says:

    Oh, wow, I will save these, I hope you dont mind!

  7. reviews says:

    wonderful images. it is great to see. i think it is photo shoped, but it’s amazing .

  8. I am so impressed w/evernote so far. really pro stuff. thx folks

  9. expert witness says:

    very nice images……..

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