Fascinating X-Ray Photography

X-rays (wiki) are primarily used for diagnostic radiography and crystallography. As a result, the term “X-ray” is metonymically used to refer to a radiographic image produced using this method, in addition to the method itself.

Here, I am going to present 22 photography using x-ray technology to create mesmerizing and intriguing art. The photographer of those photos is Nick Veasey.

In a world obsessed with superficial appearance it is a refreshing change to be able to look beyond the surface. Beauty, after all, comes from within.

x-ray photography

Luggage Case
x-ray photography

Hairdryer –A great example of the everyday becoming fascinating. This simple hairdryer has internal complexity.
x-ray photography

Clothing–Elegant and delicate men’s garments.
x-ray photography

White Plains Hospital Bus Wrap –This x-ray photograph of a bus full of people was applied life-size to a New York bus.
x-ray photography

x-ray photography

x-ray photography

x-ray photography

x-ray photography

x-ray photography

x-ray photography

x-ray photography

Used to illustrate the NFL players protective equipment.
x-ray photography

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10 Responses

  1. jordan says:

    wow… most of them are fake. gj

  2. james says:

    they’re mostly fake

  3. Notturno says:

    No they aren’t fake. He makes it with real bodies (for instance in a morgue). Great photos

  4. great pictures and it is really a great creation. these pictures are looking like real x ray pictures.

  5. deeper voice says:

    that is super cool, I loved the Hairdryer

  6. how to get tall says:

    Oh, wow, I will save these, I hope you dont mind!

  7. reviews says:

    wonderful images. it is great to see. i think it is photo shoped, but it’s amazing .

  8. I am so impressed w/evernote so far. really pro stuff. thx folks

  9. expert witness says:

    very nice images……..

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