Funny Animal Photography

How Human-like surprised expression.
Woo, what suprised??

Emm… What are they doing? Wrestling?

Run! Run Away~~~~

Come on!!!Buddy!

What are you doing on my nose, little guy~~

Ohhh!!! Such a big head!
Big Fish

Hi, Buddy, take care of your neck…Don’t bend it anymore.

Go! Go! Go! Ola! Ola! Ole!
Chicken football

KongFu Panda???
KongFu Panda

Hehe, the horse you saw is actually horses’ shadow. Good shots.
Horse Shadow

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3 Responses

  1. harmandeep says:

    nice pictures

  2. alex says:

    Those horses are zebras. Take a closer look.

  3. chelsea says:

    thiz r funny pic’z LOL

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