If you like the minimalist trend, simply for the way it looks, and not as an entire lifestyle, you may want to decorate your home in the minimalist style – without taking on the entire ethos. But how can you decorate like a minimalist when you have so much stuff? Easy. Here’s how to decorate your home like a minimalist – when you’re not a minimalist.

How to Decorate Your Home like a Minimalist – When You’re Not a Minimalist

Storage rules

The number one rule of decorating like a minimalist when you’re not? Storage. You’ll need to be highly organised and have some serious storage if you want to decorate like a minimalist while still living like the pack rat that you are. You’ll need to already have heavy duty storage space or get it. If you’re going to be adding more wardrobes then you’ll want to get neutral cupboards that are as unimposing on a room as possible. Think whites and light woods. Inside, you’ll need organised cabinets, draws, boxes, the works. One of the best things about true minimalist design is having to clean less because we own less. Instead, you’ll need to be highly organised to decorate like a minimalist, without being one.

How to Decorate Your Home like a Minimalist – When You’re Not a Minimalist

Keep everything neutral

Remember, minimalist style isn’t just about having less stuff, but it’s also about decorating in neutral tones that keep everything light and airy to make you feel as though a room has more space than it actually does. Have more white space than is needed, to make your rooms appear more spacious. Paint in whites or warm neutral tones. Stick to basic furniture in your budget with Scandinavian style accents, clean lines and thin arms and legs instead of chunky dark wooden pieces. Everything should be as light and simple as possible. This is where the real beauty of the minimalist design comes from.

How to Decorate Your Home like a Minimalist – When You’re Not a Minimalist

Tidy away clutter

There shouldn’t ever be any clutter in a minimalist home – because there’s nothing to clutter up. However, when you just want the style, not the entire lifestyle you’ll have to make rules for this. Ensure there’s less clutter by having a place for everything, neatly tucked away in a drawer or cupboard. While there should be less cleaning to do, you’ll still need to do the dusting and vacuuming. You’ll have large open spaces to clean instead of nooks and crannies. This means you may need to dust more often but it’ll be a much easier job than dusting off all your old bits and bobs one by one. A good once over about once a week should keep everything looking spick and span, giving that always-tidy-look minimalist design is known for.

Whether you’re in love with the look of minimalist design or you simply want to do less cleaning and maintenance on your home, these are the top 3 tips for turning your home into a minimalist oasis without having to get rid of all of your things. It’s really the best of both worlds.

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