If your child is getting to the age where they are becoming more curious about your religion, it’s a good idea to sit them down and take them through it. Of course, you don’t want to lecture them – if your child begins to feel like they’re in a classroom, they’re probably going to switch off – but it’s important to teach them about the religion in a way that is both informative, but also fun enough for them to engage.

Pictures are a great answer to this. According to a recent survey, picture books have been found to increase learning in children by up to 400%, making them the perfect tool to help your child get to grips with your religion while also enjoying themselves in the process.

How Pictures Help Kids To Learn

One of the great things about pictures – and picture books especially – is that they start conversations and also encourage creative connections with the content. The illustrations are not just decoration but a way to enhance the story and emotions of what they are displaying. A child is also more likely to stay engaged longer with a picture, as they can notice new things, read the emotions of characters and understand them on a different level.

The Different Ways In Which Pictures Can Be Utilised

Picture Books

Of course, the best application of pictures for child-learning is picture books. These are not books that will cover the whole scripture, but rather stories inside the text which convey the message and the values of the religion itself. Try to find as many as you can and read one story a night for your child. This will not only help them connect with the religion but also build on the connection you and your child have together.

Art Pieces

Another way in which religious pictures can be utilised is through pieces of art that have been integrated into your home décor. There are plenty of religious artists out there creating intriguing, vibrant pieces, but it’s important to find some that are colourful and will grab your child’s attention. If you’re Jewish, for instance, then look specifically for israeli judaica artists to hang around your household; some that have a strong sense of colour and say something about Judaism through intriguing, eye-catching scenes. The same goes for any religion that you follow; no matter what it is, there will always be artists conveying the messages through unique, interesting art.


Drawing is a great way for kids to establish concentration and really absorb what they are learning about. For instance, a recent scientific experiment asked students to both write-down and draw a list of common terms – such as “truck” and “pear” – and only 20% remembered the words, whilst 45% remembered the drawings. In this way, if you come up with a scene from your religion that is easy to draw, you can sit down with your child and talk them through it as they go. You could even set them the challenge of creating their own picture book, as this can inspire more creativity and help them to know your religion on an even deeper level.

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