We’ve come across many space-saving hideaway dining table designs, but this one stands out for considering chair storage. As first noticed by Core 77, an online store called SPS Furniture has truly excelled with this innovative creation. The “Space-Saving Sideboard Table with Folding Chairs” measures 31.1 x 16.5 x 56.7 inches when folded and expands to 31.1 x 76.8 x 56.7 inches when fully extended. But don’t be fooled by its compact dimensions. The front elegantly converts into an extendable table, and it boasts two side compartments capable of discreetly housing up to four folded chairs.

What truly sets this design apart is its versatility. When opened, the section attached to the wall doubles as a handy shelf for condiments, dishes, or beverages. Meanwhile, the table offers various configurations for different occasions. In its partially extended form, it comfortably seats one or two people, and in its fully extended state, it accommodates a party of four.

This distinctive sideboard comes in two appealing colors: natural and white, and both options include a set of four matching chairs. However, its most captivating feature when closed is its whimsical appearance. The dark wood accents create a playful expression, while the handles on the compartments resemble the sideboard’s arms, cleverly placed where its hips would be. It almost seems as if it’s eagerly awaiting the start of a dinner party.

You can acquire this stylish sideboard from SPS Furniture for an investment of approximately $2000. While it may appear somewhat steep for a sideboard, considering the multitude of additional benefits it provides, it becomes an enticing and practical addition to your living space.

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