Hailing from Kanagawa prefecture, self-taught artist Lito specializes in the artistic medium of leaf carving.

The artist began his journey back in 2020, as a form of self-discipline intended to help him balance out his concentration and commitment, which are two things he often struggles with due to ADHD.

Lito’s work has also been featured across a range of media, such as in newspapers and on a variety of TV shows. From grocery stores inhabited by animals, to a rhinoceros washing the teeth of its calf, Japanese artist lito leaf art carves the most amusing sceneries on tree leaves. Using a very precise cut-out technique, a closer inspection of each piece reveals surprising details that create dreamy narratives.

Placed against the sky, viewers are able to imagine worlds on these miniature creations. Make sure you visit the artist’s Instagram and Twitter accounts where they post each new creation, together with a short but sweet story.

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