Minerals and crystals hold an allure like no other, their rare and captivating forms drawing us into a world of mesmerizing diversity. From the crystalline pillars to the cerulean tufts and lime-green nodes, each mineral tells a unique story of formation and transformation within the Earth’s depths.

For Budapest-based ore geologist and photographer László Kupi, this fascination with minerals began in childhood and has blossomed into a lifelong passion for capturing their breathtaking diversity. Through his lens, Kupi showcases an endless array of shapes, sizes, colors, and combinations, revealing the astonishing interactions between these geological wonders.

From hydrothermal processes to metamorphic reactions and weathering, each mineral’s journey is documented with meticulous detail. Whether found in his personal collection or sourced from institutions and natural history archives worldwide, Kupi’s portraits offer a glimpse into the intricate beauty of our planet’s hidden treasures.

Discover more of Kupi’s captivating work on his website and follow along on Instagram for the latest updates and insights into the fascinating world of minerals.

All images © László Kupi, shared with permission

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