Laurent Ballesta, a diver-photographer continuing the legacy of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, has spent over two decades submerged in a quest for the extraordinary. His images, a blend of technical mastery and artistic flair, bring elusive underwater creatures to the forefront, revealing the unseen marvels of the deep.

Residing near Montpellier’s salt marshes, Ballesta’s eco-conscious abode sets the tone for his ecological sensitivity. A journey with him leads through muddy paths to pink flamingos and solar panels, all embraced by the spirit of environmental harmony.

From a young age, Ballesta dreamt of being a diver, defying skeptics who saw diving as mere fiction. An encounter off the coast of Sète, where he found himself surrounded by a school of colossal Pellerin sharks, marked a transformative moment. His lens captures the vibrant lives of aquatic beings – from barnacle-covered crabs to sociable shrimp and the dynamic energy of swarming sharks.

Trained as a marine biologist, Ballesta has been a National Geographic photographer since 2011, thrice honored as Wildlife Photographer of the Year. His work bridges scientific inquiry and artistic fascination. With over 20 years at Andromède Océanologie and Gombessa Expeditions, he merges scientific curiosity, diving challenges, and unprecedented imagery.

Explore Ballesta’s prints and books online, and follow his releases on social media (Facebook and Instagram). Laurent Ballesta beckons us to share in his awe-inspiring underwater odyssey, where science and art converge to illuminate the enigmatic depths.

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