Prepare to be wowed by Thomas Allen‘s whimsical paper cutout that bring new life to old books! With precise cuts and some nifty folding, Allen turns vintage paperbacks into captivating scenes that’ll make you believe in the magic of literature like never before.

But how did this creative genius stumble upon this unique art form? It all started with a happy accident. One lazy afternoon, Allen was casually slicing into a pulp novel, intending to remove an illustration. Lo and behold, when he left some parts attached, folded them just right, and looked at them from a specific angle, voila! 3D pop-ups came to life, and the rest is history.

To perfect his craft, Allen photocopies pages he wants to use, creating test cutouts to ensure perfection. Each composition is a thoughtful dance of light and angle, making the characters and scenes pop in delightful ways.

Curious to dive into more of Allen’s mesmerizing creations? Head over to his website, and don’t forget to hit him up on Instagram for the latest updates. Get ready to be transported into a world of paper cutout where vintage books become portals to playful wonder! 🌟📖

All images © Thomas Allen

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