Artist Rogan Brown transforms delicate sheets of paper into stunning three-dimensional sculptures of coral reefs, creating works so realistic they seem like natural wonders.

Brown’s art masterfully combines beauty and conservation, raising awareness about the critical threats to coral reefs. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), pollution, disease, and habitat destruction are causing coral bleaching worldwide. This process turns coral white under stress, stripping away their vibrant colors.

Many of Brown’s sculptures, crafted from white paper, reflect this solemn reality, mimicking the pale, damaged coral affected by bleaching. Occasionally, he introduces color to highlight the stark contrast between bleached and healthy coral. His 2022 piece, Ghost Coral, features a vivid, colorful center surrounded by white coral, prompting viewers to consider how long before the bleaching spreads.

The intricate craftsmanship in Brown’s work is remarkable. Each piece involves painstakingly cutting and assembling paper to create detailed, lifelike coral sculptures. The time and precision required for each sculpture result in pieces rich with details that demand careful appreciation.

Brown’s artistic influence extends beyond sculptures. He collaborated with fashion designer Iris van Herpen to create stunning gowns featuring his coral designs.

To follow Brown’s work, visit his Instagram or website.

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