Grow lights are a replica of the natural light plants need to grow. Not all grow lights provide a full spectrum as most of them come in different colors and are focused on one goal for your plant. Lights help plants to grow, keep them warm while also giving them a better appearance. They are the best option for houseplants because of how economical they are.

You do not have to worry about leaving the windows open for your houseplant with a grow light. Grow lights come in different types: there are incandescent or fluorescent lights, halogen, LEDs, and a list of others. Most of these lights come in tubes and compact bulbs that get screwed into sockets. Grow lights come in different sizes too. Want to garden like a pro? Here is a list of things to look out for when purchasing a grow light;

1. Color

The best grow light for your plants is a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum type. They are perfect for growing your seedlings indoors and also for houseplants. A full spectrum of light comes with a red and blue color, and for plants, it is almost the same as the sunlight. If you are growing microgreens, you need to get a cool blue to grow light. The red light helps with the flowering and the vegetative growth of these plants. Always lookout for the temperature of the bulb as it will tell you the color of light to expect from the bulb. Warm colors work better for plant growth.

2. Size

When buying grow light, check for the size of the actual light fixture and the size of the surface area that gets illuminated. The size of your plant house depends on the size of grow light you purchase. LEDs always come in small bulbs or strips compared to other types of grow lights and there are options available on for your perusal. If you decide to choose a fluorescent tube, then you have to consider the lengths as they all vary.

3. Types

There are various types of grow lights, but gardeners will mostly recommend three as they are the most efficient and help your plants grow effectively. The three major types are incandescent, fluorescent, and LED. The most popular grow lights are the LEDs; they might be expensive but are very efficient because they have the lowest heat output. LEDs also have a full light spectrum, and you can switch to different lights or have a combo depending on what you want.

  • The fluorescent lights are the second most sought-after grow lights as they have a broad spectrum and have low heat. The fluorescent grows light has more energy than the incandescent light.
  • The incandescent light is the cheapest you can find, but they are not as efficient as the others. It gives off a high heat output.

If the LEDs fit into your budget, you should get one.

4. Energy Proficiency

No one loves when the electricity bill keeps going up. When purchasing a grow light, always confirm it is energy saving. The grow light will be on at all times as it is needed for the plants to grow. The best energy-saving lights are LED, HID bulbs and fluorescent grow lights. Most incandescent lights consume a lot of energy and will cause a rise in your utility bill.

5. Installation

Grow lights do not have to be complicated. It should be easy to use and install. When you purchase a grow light, you will have to adjust the color, intensity, and height. Your safety and that of your plant’s matter. As an indoor gardener, be careful with the circuits used for the grow light. When not correctly connected, it can cause hazards like fire or even stop the seedlings from growing. Research for the safest grows lights before getting one.

6. Heat Output

Plants grow better in a warm environment. The grow light needs to emit little or no heat to the plants in your garden. High heat output makes the plants dry up and get damaged. If your grow light gives off a lot of heat, it tends to burn out quickly, which means you would have to purchase a replacement. Buy convenient grow lights with low heat output. The best type of grow light for this is the LEDs.

Always go for quality grow lights as they tend to be more durable and last for about eight to ten. Now that you understand the quality of grow lights, it’s time to start indoor gardening like a pro. Happy Gardening!

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