Embroidery is a popular art form in these days. We have featured many amazing works of embroidered animals, embroidered landscapes from different artists. And today, we will show you something different – Embroidered Vegetables!

Japanese artist @konekono_kitsune cultivates their own fresh produce using a needle and thread. From turnips to snap peas to bell peppers, their embroidery art is lush enough to fill a cornucopia.

All of these hand-stitched veggies are rendered with three-dimensional texture so that they better resemble their real-life counterparts. Each delicate leaf of the herbs she weaves is so perfectly, tenderly placed, and frankly we aren’t sure how she creates those colours without witchcraft. @konekono_kitsune shows off their accuracy by photographing every finished piece over their inspiration. It is really impressive to see the embroidery work placed side by side with its real-life counterpart. You can easily tell how realistic that looks like and amazed by @konekono_kitsune’s work.

Scroll down to see more embroidered vegetables art by @konekono_kitsune, and follow the artist on Instagram to keep up to date with their latest work.

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