From the crevices of rocky gorges to slender cracks in the terrain, Reuben Wu‘s light paintings create a surreal world where the natural and the otherworldly converge. This Chicago-based photographer has spent over a decade mastering the art, weaving nocturnal scenes into captivating landscapes that challenge our perception of reality.

His latest project, “The Inner Landscape,” carries on this tradition, introducing small, orb-like geometries into the midst of craggy formations.

Reuben Wu himself offers insight into this captivating project on Instagram:

In many instances, the landforms I illuminated seemed distant and colossal. In a way, I pushed the boundaries of drones, urging them to traverse extraordinary distances and craft seemingly impossible nightscapes… ‘The Inner Landscape’ takes on a more intimate tone. Here, I find myself closer, almost immersed within the very subject matter I portray. The scene feels like an extension of my own thoughts.

What makes Wu’s work even more intriguing is his juxtaposition of darkness and artificial lighting, creating an atmosphere of heightened unreality. This contrast marries the serene intimacy of these spaces with the intriguing unfamiliarity of his compositions.

For more of Reuben Wu’s extraordinary creations, you can explore his extensive archive on his website. In every frame, he offers us a fresh perspective on the interplay between light and rugged terrain, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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