In the heart of San Francisco, a local bakery has unveiled its extraordinary talent with a unique creation: a life-sized bread sculpture depicting a Clicker from “The Last of Us” – one of the iconic mushroom-infested zombies from the popular video game series. The result is nothing short of chilling.

This edible masterpiece, lovingly christened “The Last of Crust,” is the brainchild of One House Bakery, a charming family-owned business. Owners Catherine and Hannalee Pervan, in an interview with Eater San Francisco, revealed their deep admiration for HBO’s TV series adaptation of “The Last of Us.” This inspiration led them on a journey into the world of sculpting this formidable adversary, all in preparation for the 16th annual Downtown Benicia Main Street Scarecrow Contest.

You might be curious about the intricate process involved in creating such a remarkable sculpture from bread and the dedication required to bring it to life. The talented team at One House Bakery invested more than 400 hours crafting this eerily lifelike Clicker statue. How, you ask? The process was a fusion of culinary and artistic skills. They began by wrapping a collection of balloons in a delicate layer of dough and then baked it to capture the disturbingly fungal appearance that characterizes the infected zombies.

What makes this endeavor even more impressive is that this isn’t the bakery’s first venture into transforming bread into pop culture-inspired sculptures. Last year, they astounded everyone with their “Pan Solo” masterpiece, a Star Wars-themed creation that depicted Han Solo encased in carbonite. This extraordinary work earned them a well-deserved second place at the 2022 event, solidifying One House Bakery’s reputation as a true artisan bakery, where dough is transformed into captivating works of art.

The creation of “The Last of Crust” not only demonstrates the bakery’s remarkable talent but also showcases the wonderful marriage of culinary artistry and pop culture fandom. It’s a testament to the endless possibilities that creativity can unlock, even in the world of bread and dough.

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