The Moai statues are shrouded in mystery. Were they built by aliens? What do they represent? We may never know… What we do know is that they make a surprisingly good receptacle for holding a box of tissues. The combination of the image and the usage makes the Moai Tissue box Holder a great decorative item for the home or office. Additionally, it’s a great conversation piece and gift, especially for a history buff with chronic man-flu.

Just insert the standard rectangular tissue box into the underside of the Easter Island head and, as needed, pull your tissue out through his stony nostril. Handy for use in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen and due to the weight of the holder, the Moai is stable.

The tissue holder measures 18×19 cm, has a height of 31.5 cm and weighs no less than 1635 grams. The compartment for the tissue box is 9.2x 4.7×2.5 inch. The products are manufactured from sustainable resin and are hand painted. [buy on amazon]

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