Wool artist Nastasya Shulyak crafts enchanting creatures with a singular mission: spreading joy to all who encounter them.

Immersing herself in the beauty of Georgia’s mountains and the serene shores of the Black Sea, Shulyak draws inspiration from her surroundings. Daily beach rituals, collecting stones and connecting with nature, breathe life into her whimsical characters.

These heartwarming wool creatures sit serenely, their small arms resting gently in their laps. Sprouting fibrous leaves, flower buds, fungi, and stones from their heads, each creature shares a warm, friendly smile.

While Shulyak typically embraces simplicity, she plans to explore more intricate textures and shapes in the coming months. Visit her Instagram for a glimpse into her artistic journey, new creations, and upcoming shop releases—because joy is meant to be shared. 🌟🐑✨

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