Is graffiti art or vandalism? That is kind of debating topic. Although we featured many creative street art on our site, we still have to admit, most graffiti we see in our daily life can’t be called art. And I have to say, sometimes, graffiti makes cities appear dangerous and crime-ridden, unwelcoming.

However, at the same time, graffiti artists bringing to life sterile urban environments, adding creativity and color to otherwise run-down areas. These serious artists use graffiti as a form of genuine expression. In many cases, they don’t just draw for the sake of drawing, they help start important conversations about social, political and environmental issues as well.

There is always a thin line between graffiti as art or vandalism. And every one has their own ideas. But for me, I will say as long as the graffiti work like what Scaf_oner did, I am fine with that.

The artist creates amazing 3D illusions on these run-down areas, old tank, broken wall or unused utility box. Scaf_oner portrays all sorts of animals like dinosaurs and snakes, skulls and bones, robots, and other cool stuff with extremely detailed and realistic style. These 3D street art successfully created illusion and make you think they are going to jump off the wall.

Below are some of Scafs’s amazing work, and you can find more on his Instagram page. Most of his work comes with before and after pictures. So you can see how he transform a simple wall to a work of art.

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