Ingo Lindmeier is a German artist whose artistic style is heavily influenced by surrealism. Lindmeier has created a wide range of works that are characterized by his fascination with the surreal and his love of manipulation. As Lindmeier said:

“Almost all of my works begin with a passion for the surreal. Often accompanied by playing with words, the sense of playing finds its way out of my head through Adobe Photoshop into the colorful world of images. Sometimes brightly playful, sometimes critically disturbing, different voices find their place in my creations. Fairy tales and myths inspire me as much as music, nature and art.”

Lindmeier’s manipulation includes animals, plans, people and even everyday objects. But today, we will focus on his surreal fusing of animal and food. Tomato chick, carrot bunny, strawberry bird or cauliflower sheep, scroll down and take a look at Lindmeier’s Surreal Photo Manipulations.

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