1. anchor tag <a> </a>

Three attributes are supported:

1.1 href: URL can be relativl or absolute. Notice: the absolute URL must begin with “http://”, otherwise, flash player will regard it as relative URL.

1.2 target: define the name of target loaded page, options: _self,_blank,_parent,_top;
_self means current window and current frame
_blank means open a new window
_parent means the parent of current frame;
_top menas the highest frame of the current frame;

1.3 bold tag <b></b> everything words between <b>xxx</b> will be bold;

2. newline tag <br>

Newline in current textfield. To use this tag, the textfield must be set as allowing multiple lines.

3. font tag <font></font>

Following attributes can be used to decorate font;

3.1 color: only support Hexadecimal color like (#ffffff);

3.2 face: define the font family like Arial; Like Css, you can define several font face like Arial, Verdana;In this case, if Arial is not installed in user’s computer, flash player will try to use Verdana as alternative. If none defined fonts are installed, flash will use its default font. To ensure the desired font always be displayed, you can embed that font into swf file. However, it will increase the swf file size for sure.

4. paragraphy tag <p></p>

Use this tag to create a new paragraphy in textfield. To use this tag, the textfield must be set as
allowing multiple lines.
Two attributes can be applied here:

4.1 align – define the alignment of paragraphy. It can be left, right, justify and center;
4.2 class – denfine the specific CSS style you want to use;The style should be created by flash.text.StyleSheet

5. underline tag <u></u>

Add underline effect to the words inside the <u>xxx</u> tag

6. textfield format tag <textformat></textformat>

Use this tag can apply the attributes defined by textformat to the selected text. Attributes includes blockindent, indent, leading,leftmargin,rightmargin,tabstops;

6.1 blockindent – define the indent for the whole block text;can be positive or negative

6.2 indent – define the indent for the first character;can be positive or negative

6.3 leftmargin – the left margin of the selected paragraphy;

6.4 rightmargin – the rifht margin of the selected paragraphy;

6.5 tabstops – define tad moving distance, it should be postive or 0;

7. imgage tag <img></img>

Use image tag can embed image file(gif, jpg, png) or swf and movieclip into textfield; Following attributes are supported:

7.1 src – the url of selected image/swf or identifier of movieclip in library. That attribute is esscetial.
7.2 width
7.3 height
7.4 align – the horizontal alignment way of embeded image/swf/movieclip. Value:left and right; default value is left;
7.5 hspace – the horizontal blank space around the image;
7.6 vspace – the vertical blank space around the image;
7.7 id – the indeifier assigned to embeded file;

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