The trend is changing really quick as the technology has taken over the world. The photographers should also go with this flow to understand the expertise of taking portrait photography to the next level. People have become visually literate and more conscious about how they look in the photographs. It is now more about the quality of the image.

It is not enough to understand the camera, its lenses, features and parts to be a good photographer. It requires some aesthetics and skills to use the editors to remove the photo blemishes, change backgrounds and add themes to the image. So here are some tips to make you a brilliant photographer that are shared after reviewing the advices of the professionals.

Pay attention to the light

There is a white balance option in the digital camera. First manage the white balance to make white looking pure and then consider the ambiance. Lighting can create a wonderful photograph and can also destroy it, it also changes the sense and meanings of the portrait. Natural light is the best to utilize. You can go outdoor and shot in the next two hours of sunrise to have awesome pictures. The angle and direction is your choice. If you want a dull effect, you can go for the light two hours before sunset.

The Next Level in Portrait Photography
Photo and caption by Samira Qadir

The confidence

The viewer and photographer should feel the confidence. Some photographers capture from a distance due to lack of confidence and do not ask for permissions. You should go for the things and people you have interest and if not get consent find something else. Do not fear to get close.

The cultural element

Highlighting the cultural aspect in the portrait is exceptional. You should know where you are travelling to capture the beauty, so you can have better photographs. For example, the Indian Brides, Kashmiri colored eyes, and many Central Asian taboos are the center of attraction. The features, colors, jeweler and elements are important to pay attention.

The Next Level in Portrait Photography
Photo by Weerapong Chaipuck

Remove blemishes with Movavi

You can use a good editor like Movavi to edit the portraits that helps you improving the image. It can make the faces look better. The editor is good to use for the professional shots, models’ photographs, wedding shots and ID card photographs. It helps you remove the scratches, marks, lines, wrinkles and acne and pimples. The brush size is adjustable for making skin smooth, remove shine and remove winkles to give a perfect, spotless and natural finish to the face. You can also bring shine and glow to the face and make the skin flawless and smooth with the Movavi photo editor (

The Next Level in Portrait Photography

The photo editor can also improve the quality of the image and touch up the makeup. The editor has made it easy to add the effect to the portraits and apply filters with the handy tools. You can make the photographs straight, crop them and flip them. You can change the distracting and abstract background with an attractive one. Sometimes an unwanted object comes into the portrait that you didn’t focused while capturing it, the editor is a blessing that you do not have to take another one rather just remove the object with its brilliant features. Some other software offers this feature with difficult selection tool to cut the thing off but this one has made it simple for you.

If you want to go crazy with your portrait photograph you can also try the hair color and eye color changing opportunities in the software with some different and beautiful shades. If the model has not applied the eye liner but you feel that she will look better with the liner, you can add it later with the editor and in any shape. It will apply the strokes that are so natural. The boring and colorless lips can be given a tint to make them look naturally beautiful. Also add mascara, apply fake eye lashes and make the eye brow look fine. In-fact a complete makeover to the portrait is possible with Movavi photo editor. It is the next level for the quick editing of the portraits.

Ask the subject to look into your eyes

Another great tip is to avoid double chin and add confidence. It’s flattering and beautiful to have a portrait this way to make the subject look smarter. Also capture some random shots and poses other than staying still.

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