When comes to succulent plants, the first thing comes into my mind is the dusty jade plant at my desk corner.

As a kind of low-maintenance plant, they are often get ignored after they joined your home. But some succulent plants will not let that happen due to their surprising shapes that make them look like something from otherworld. From the shape of cute bunny ear to beautiful flower or mermaid tail, I never thought succulent plants can be that diverse and fascinating.

But thanks to the magic mother nature, we can actually have these unusal-looking plants at our home and garden. How amazing it is!

Clear Succulent Plant [Image credit]

Rose Succulents [Image credit]

Bunny ear Succulent [Image credit]

trachyandra plant [Image credit]

Albuca [Image credit]

Echeveria [Image credit]

Aztekium [Image credit]

stapelia plant [Image credit]

Mermaid Tail Succulent [Image credit]

Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Succulent [Image credit]

string of pearls [Image credit]

crassula umbella Wine Cup [Image credit]

lithops – living stone [Image credit]

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