Most of the pencil drawing are done on white paper, drawing shadow to create the depth of the picture. But Malaysian artist Kay Lee tries the opposite way. She uses a white colored pencil to illuminate select portions of her subjects on black paper. The atmospheric use of dark space gives depth, mood, feeling, and emotion, with a quiet and mysterious atmosphere.

Lee received her formal training in fine art at the Nanjing University of the Arts in China, where she majored in oil painting. Now, she works as a mixed-media artist in a diverse number of mediums. You can explore different types of her works on her Instagram page. But personally, I love the black and white series. These masterpieces may be small in scale, but their expressive linework evokes a compelling sense of drama.

Below, we hand picked 20 of her drawing from two categories, pet and human portraits. Hope you also enjoy them as us.


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