I thought I have seen enough witty and quirky illustrations. However, the actually is that is just my assumption. While, the fact is I can always stumble upon something new and creative. Hence, I am really grateful for those artists who keep expanding my vision and providing me the new perspective of the world.

Like Malaga-based animator and 3D illustrator Nacho Diaz Arjona (also known on his social media platforms as Naolito), he uses his clever and quirky illustrations brought us some new ideas as well as cool understanding.

Using personify food, nature, and other ordinary objects, Naolito injects some light-hearted humor into those scenes and made our days. How salmon play with rice? Why paper want to become a paper crane? What avocado can do with its core? If you want to know the unexpected answers of those questions, keep scrolling.

More info: Instagram | Facebook | twitter.com | naolito.com

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