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ArcoYoga: Couple Travel World With Their Acrobatic Yoga Poses

Whenever yoga instructors Claudine and Honza Lafond aren’t teaching at their Sydney-based studio YogaBeyond, they’re often wandering off to exotic locations and commemorating their journeys with graceful poses. Over the years, they’ve taken their...


Gravity-Defying Self-Portraits by Mickael Jou

Berlin based dancer Mickael Jou get the idea from being taken photos by tourist, combines his love of photos with dance together and undertakes a project to capture 365 self-portraits. In this project, Jou...


Mind-blowing Anti-gravity Photography by Mina Sarenac

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to flow the air with the feeling of weightlessness? Antigravity, the series of pictures created by the Serbian photographer Mina Sarenac, depict women donning assorted flowing ensembles...