Revolutionize the way you juice with the Fluicer, a Red Dot Award-winning citrus juicer designed for ultimate convenience. Unlike traditional hand juicers, the Fluicer boasts a slimline design that folds completely flat for effortless storage, eliminating the hassle of bulky kitchen gadgets. Its ingenious hinged mechanism presses fruit from the sides, requiring less force and making it remarkably easy to use.

Bid farewell to awkward, oversized juicers that take up valuable drawer space. The Fluicer’s compact design, available in lime (23.0cm/9″), lemon (25.0cm/10″), and orange (28.2cm/11″) sizes, ensures a clutter-free kitchen. Crafted from durable polypropylene and stainless steel, this juicer is not only lightweight (0.27kg/0.59lb) but also dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, promising both longevity and safety.

What sets the Fluicer apart is its two-handed sideways pivot operation, offering increased leverage and requiring less effort compared to traditional citrus presses. The built-in pip catcher adds to its functionality, straining juice and providing extra control by acting as a funnel to direct the flow into a glass or small bowl.

Say goodbye to the struggles of conventional juicers and embrace the Fluicer’s user-friendly, space-saving design. Transform your juicing routine into a seamless experience with this innovative and efficient kitchen companion.

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