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Stunning Liquid Glass Photograph by Jean Bérard Fotografía

This “liquid glass” photography is taken beautifully by the Mexican photography studio Jean Bérard Fotografía[JFB]. They have developed a series of images which capture the chaos and unpredictability of liquids, telling us “Not always...


Water Wig: An further exploration into Water Weirdness

Californian-based Tim Tadde, created this project entitled Water Wigs which is described as “a further exploration into water weirdness.” The spirited set of visuals depict explosions of water balloons lit with a miscellany of...


Stunning Flowers Created by Splash of Colored Water

“Vessels and Blooms” is an incredible photo series of high speed photographs of splashing liquids that resemble flowers in vases created by Milwaukee-based photographed Jack Long. Long uses water mixed with thickeners, pigments and...