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Clever Mcdonalds Newspaper Ads Design

Due to the cost, paper quality and print limitation, I barely see eye-catching advertisement design on newspaper and never thought I would see anything good. However, these two McDonalds ads I came cross today,...


Weird and Unusual Art about Dead Flies

This is a weird and unusual post I ever made, the topic is about “dead flies“. Honestly, I’m not a big bug person. I find them to be truly unknowable creatures to the point...


Beautiful Art made by Jam

I once wrote a blog about “noodle art” which draws celebrities face using noodle. Some of my friends don’t like that kind of art, said it was “waste food”. However, I believed when they...


Talented Musical Mice – Way Too Cute

Today, let’s meet two talent mice belonging to Roosendaal who have been trained by their owner to hold tiny instruments in their paws. Single Ellen, from Roosendaal, Holland, revealed her pair of rodents are...


Super Funny Dancing Animals

I know some animals can make dancing movement when they are trained, like the bear or dog in circus. While the photos with dancing-like animals presented in this post were accidentally captured by people....


Illusion-When Pink Rules The World

There is a routine in my company called “Pink Thursday”. It means everyone should wear something pink on that day. It is kind of interesting, however, let’s imagine how the world will look like...


Incredible Leaf Art

In this post, I am to introduce you another art form – leaf Art. Leaf art is done on dry leaves such as Peepal leaves or banayan tree leaves. I classified the leaf art...


Amazing Cake Art

In this blog, I will present some adorable cakes  “Food Artist” Isessaki from Japan. Most of her cakes are inspired by cartoon movie. Those cakes just look awesome and I don’t want to eat...


Aircraft Nose Art

Nose art is a decorative painting or design on the fuselage of a military aircraft, usually located near the nose, and is a form of aircraft graffiti. While begun for practical reasons of identifying...


Cat or Hat?

Another funny picture about Cat. I just love cat, it keeps amusing me. See my previous blog about funny picture about cat, click “Sleeping Position of Cats” or “For Cat Lover“.


7 Amazing Astronomical and natural phenomena

In this post, I will present you with 7 Amazing Astronomical and natural phenomena : solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, Storm chasing, Perseid Meteor Shower and so on….. 1. solar eclipse A solar eclipse occurs...