Christmas Card Background Design

Recently, company want to design some Christmas Card for client and email…So, I am designing a bunch of Christmas Related background. Trees, Balls, Stars, all in xmas. I will present some of them which I am most satisfied. Of course, that still need to be finalized by company.

Changing, changing, it seems like a destination of designer…. at least for me….n_n

Please leave you comments if you want. I am glad to hear from you.

I am not selling any of those background… Only put it here to get comments .
This one is my favorite.

Christmas Card Background design

This one might be a little bit heavy, but at the other hand, you can say it is luxurious. ;)

Christmas Card Background design

Followings are different types of tree elements

Christmas Tree Design

Christmas Tree Design

This one uses the same style Christmas balls in the first picture, but I change that to blue color and make that in tree shape. I also like this one myself.

Christmas Tree Design

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  1. wow fantastic design, could it be possible for me to use it for the company I work for? it will not be the exact design just the elements and will be different color.

  2. Hi Vivian,
    We’d love to use the red image with the baubles on our Christmas Brochure. Is there anyway I can get hold of it.

    Thanks and keep up the great work


  3. Excellent workmanship and creative mind processing. I love anything Christmas so this definitely intrigued me and thoroughly enjoyed admiring your work. Thank you

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