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TODY: Four-armed Cleaning Robot that Can Climb

If you are using cleaning robot like iRobot, you might be interested in this evolved design “TODY”. Inspired by an octopus, this robot has four arms, each containing 22 steam nozzles and 29 vacuum nozzles. Vacuum and steam nozzles connect to the water tank and dust bag through channels. Using its 4 arms, it can climb, move and hang to reach areas like seats, curtains, windows and more. Not sure how you like this concept. I am happy it might clean my sofa, but can’t stand the idea it will climb to my bed and do some cleaning after all its work on the floor.

TODY: Four-armed Cleaning Robot that Can Climb

Match your Design with your Brand and Domain

Having a website is quite normal in these days. Not only company needs it, personal website gets more and more popular as well. But what is the first thing you need to do to have a website? Many assume the first step to starting website is design, but actually, choose a right domain name to match your needs is equally important, or more important in my personal option.

Words have meaning and names have power. To have a meaningful or branded name is becoming more and more important in the age of internet marketing and branding development. How you know the name you want is available or not? There are many web services you can use online to find available domain names. Such services will let you know the availability status of your desired domain for different extension like .com, org, .net, etc.

12 Cool Indoor Bench Designs

Bench is probably one of the furniture which is overlooked by many people. In their minds, it is just a longer version of chair but it is not as comfortable as sofa. This statement is right in some way – there are many benches like that. But bench can be cool as well, just like the 12 benches listed in this post. They are not only looking cool but also having some interesting functions. Some of them might look a bit weird for you, but we can deny the creativity behind it.

Vibrant Colorful Modern House in Toronto

Homeless Haven: Temporary Shelter Transformed form Bench

Homeless haven is a concept designed to solve the increasing concern of homeless in the process of urbanization. In summer time, you probably will notice more and more homeless live in the street, wandering from place to place. To give them more humanitarian care and assistance, designer Ke Wan, Xiaohua Ma, Xing Guo & Qingxiang Zhu come up with the idea “Homeless Haven”. It looks like a bench for public to rest during the day and can be converted into a safe shelter at night. It might look like a good idea but if you think thoroughly, there are many problems if this “Homeless Haven” actually be used in public area. How to keep the shelter clean? How to make sure these shelter won’t be used in day time and converted back to bench?

Homeless Haven: Temporary Shelter Transformed form Bench

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