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Edible Growth: 3D-printed Snacks that Sprout Plants and Mushrooms

Edible Growth is an ongoing project by Eindhoven-based food designer Chloé Rutzerveld who developed a concept for “healthy and sustainable” 3D-printed snacks that sprout plants and mushrooms for flavor. The concept involves a specially printed outer casing made from dough that contains “edible soil” and various seeds. Once printed, it takes a few days for the seeds and mushrooms to germinate after which they start to poke out of the small holes on top. As the plants and mushrooms grow, the flavor also develops, transforming into what Rutzerveld claims is a fresh, nutritious and tasty snack after only a few days. The aim of the project was to investigate ways that 3D printing could be used in the food industry. “By 3D printing food you can make the production chain very short, the transport will be less, there is less land needed,” says Rutzerveld.”But also you can experiment with new structures. You can surprise the consumer with new food and things that haven’t been done before.” However, Rutzerveld’s project is still at the research and development stage and she admits it will be a long time before anyone is able to 3D-print her snacks at home.

Edible Growth: 3D-printed Snacks that Sprout Plants and Mushrooms

Eco Monsters: Help to Address the Problem of Environmental Protection As Early As Infancy

Created by designer Anastasia Bondarenko, Eco Monsters are a bunch of eco-friendly and adorable looking monsters that help to ignite the passion for conservation among the young guns. Equipped with various sensors, the little monster figures act as a helper with the environmentally — friendly use of energy, water and waste. An iPad app connects the monsters through an interactive story and provides additional topic-relevant knowledge. Take a look at the cute video that explains it all.

Scoffee: KFC’s new edible coffee cup

The cup, named the ‘Scoff-ee Cup’, made from biscuit, wrapped in sugar paper and then lined with a layer of heat-resistant white chocolate to keep the coffee hot and the cup crispy, is KFC’s newest product: an edible coffee cup. Edible packaging is a relatively new concept and could significantly reduce the amount of paper or plastic packaging used, especially in the quick-service restaurant where packages or containers that ordinarily are designed to be used once and then thrown away. This type of edible packaging is definitely aligned with the global consumer mind-set in terms of sustainability and simplifying their life. As for the cup itself, it is described, “Once the chocolate lining melts over time, the biscuit begins to soften causing it to melt in your mouth.” Moreover, the cups have been dosed with ambient aromas, including “Coconut Sun Cream,” “Freshly Cut Grass” and “Wild Flowers.” to evoke memories of warm weather, sun and summer holidays — “things that make everyone smile. It is reported, coffee in edible cups will be servered in U.K. stores soon. Not sure when we can try it in North America, looking forward to try it.

Scoffee: KFC's new edible coffee cup

iSaber: The Apple Lightsaber?

If apple somehow start a lightsaber bussiness, iSaber in this post is probably what they’d look like. 3D modeler extraordinaire Martin Hajek went ahead and designed this iSaber. Designed by Apple in Tatooine, and assembled in Hoth, this fictional energy weapon has been cleverly visualized to include all the telltale design cues of a real Apple product. Called “an elegant weapon for a more civilized age”, it comes with three editions: gold, silver and space gray. No one knows when the iSaber will in your pocket.

iSaber: The Apple Lightsaber?

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