Meet Karin Pfeiff-Boschek, the pastry virtuoso who blends art and flavor into her pie creations.

Inspired by her baking enthusiast grandmothers in rural Germany, Karin’s journey into baking began early. She spent her childhood immersed in the sights and smells of freshly baked treats, honing her skills from a young age.

Drawing inspiration from nature, everyday objects, and classic designs, Karin’s creativity knows no bounds. Each pie she crafts bursts with vibrant colors and intricate patterns, a testament to her artistic flair and culinary expertise.

Utilizing natural ingredients like berry powders and turmeric, Karin adds a splash of color to her creations. From whimsical designs to striking patterns, her pies are a celebration of creativity and taste.

In her twenties, Karin found herself captivated by the pastry delights of Paris. Though she pursued a career in textiles, her love for baking remained a constant in her life.

Today, Karin continues to indulge her passion for baking, experimenting with new recipes and techniques. Her pies not only showcase her artistic vision but also delight the senses with every bite.

In every slice of Karin’s pie, there’s a story—a story of tradition, creativity, and the joy of baking. So buckle up and get ready for a visual and culinary adventure like no other—Karin’s pies are about to take you on a whimsical journey of flavor and flair!

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