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Beautifully designed luxury cars

When it comes to cars, and in particular supercars, what is it that makes them desirable? Is it the look and stance they have or is it the purpose for which they are built? Supercars have always been seen as something of a status symbol and many people make it their ambition to own one, one day. With so many supercars to choose from, which designs are the ones that stand out?

Camping Doughnut: The Effortless Camping Tent

The Camping Doughnut is a design concept created by Sungha Lim, Hyunmook Lim, and Han Kim that replaces the traditional tent with a collapsible, rearrangeable and transportable camping modular system. The tent substitute comes with two basic shapes. “I” shapes are a single, straight tube capable of housing 2 to 4 people in a pair of sleeping rooms and a living room; and the curved “C” shape Camping Doughnut offers the same accommodations, but also blocks wind on 3 sides to generate a central outdoor space for campfires and recreation. Combine two “C” shapes to create an “S” or “O” shape for additional space, privacy, and weather shielding. Moreover, due to its collapsible design, you can easily fold and fix it to the rooftop of your car for easy transportation. So no more pain of the pitching of the tents.. Happy Camping!

Camping Doughnut: The Effortless Camping Tent

15 Stunning Photos of “Play with Fire”

When we are still kids, we have always been told “Don’t play with fire”, which is definitely true. However, this rule doesn’t apply to those well trained fire dancers who can present us with incredible performance by playing with fire. It is quite amazed to see how the dangerous element becomes a mesmerizing element in those performer’s hands and mouths. In those skilled hands, the trace of fire can not only be complicated pattern but some surprising shape. Take a look at our today’s collection “15 Stunning Photos of Play with Fire” and hope you enjoy it.

15 Stunning Photos of Play with Fire

OSTRICH PILLOW: Enjoy Your Napping Anywhere, Anytime

If you’re unfamiliar with the wonders of power-napping then you’re missing a trick. Three types of Ostrich Pillows give your ability to enjoy napping anywhere and anytime as you needed. Not matter it is the cocoon shape pillow which provides an unrivaled warm and tranquil sanctuary, or the mini pillow you can wear it on your hand, elbow or forearm which offers unrivaled coziness to rest your weary head upon during morning commute. Take a look at these three innovative pillows and you need to start making the most of your time in transit and give your brain some well-deserved rest.

OSTRICH PILLOW: Enjoy Your Napping Anywhere, Anytime

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