10 Innovative Products Working without Electricity

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13 Responses

  1. Olumuyiwa Bamigboye says:

    How can I get these products for distribution in Nigeria?

    • Vivian says:

      I find these products online, and not really sure how to get it. But you can try to click the link I provided at the end of the product name.

  2. Pretzel Gurl says:

    I like these innovations! I made it as a report for our class. ^-^

  3. Ravi says:

    Hi there,

    I am intrested in importing large quantity of these products.
    Can you let me know how can I do that?


    • Vivian says:

      sorry…we didn’t sell any products on our site… we just collect those innovative ideas and share with who are interested… you might use the link after each product to find the source we got. Thanks

  4. M Govindaraju says:

    would like to have more details

  5. Ade says:

    James you are a moron!!!!!!!!!! maybe you need stop watching to much cnn not all Nigerians are into scams in fact must are hard working. educate yourself

  6. vijaykumar says:

    good concept

  7. Rasool says:

    good product.

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