15 Creative and Unusual Chess Set Designs

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4 Responses

  1. Olivia Gilman says:

    These are beautiful chess sets! My favorite is the Street Fighter chess set. My brother loves chess and Street Fighter. This is a great birthday idea! Thanks!

  2. Drew Harrison says:

    These designs are absolutely stunning! Some of these look like they belong in a museum next to some fine art! I would love to have something like this in my home to play with and to show off to friends and family. Thanks for posting these pictures for everyone to be envious of!

  3. Betty Johnson says:

    These designs are pretty fun. I know some big Star Wars fans that would love that themed set. The wobble one is really unique, though. I’ve never seen one of those before. It would make it so the pieces didn’t fall over, which would be nice.

  4. James Bergman says:

    I really have to say that the coolest chess set here is the Amorphous Organic chess set. The only problem with it is that it would take a little longer to figure out which pieces did what. There are probably instructions, but I really hope the spider is the queen. It seems very fitting. Thanks for sharing these!

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