Inspired by nature and animals, Italian artist Roberto Rizzo paints below incredibly detailed animal painting on some unusual medium – rock. You might wonder, what is special about rock? Instead of simply treating rock as a canvas, Rizzo’s work makes use of rock’s shape. Because each rock is different, so Rizzo’s work always is one-of-a-kind.

Roberto Rizzo has been painting on rocks since 1996. With so many years experiences and a pair of keen eye, Rizzo can always find the suitable rock and paint perfect animal on it. It is so amazing to see the transformation of any lifeless rock or stone into an incredible hype realistic painting.

When asked how he started it, Rizzo said: “I first met the magic of rock painting in 1996. Rock painting made me discover and explore the potential of acrylic. Currently, it’s my favorite medium, even when I work on canvas.”

When asked about inspiration, Rizzo said “I’ve always loved the many shapes and objects Mother Nature gives us. The animal kingdom has especially fascinated me since I was just a child.”

Below are some of Rizzo’s work and you can find more on his Instagram page. If you like his work, you can even buy it from his Etsy store. Based on the size of rock, the painting price varies from $100 to $800.

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