Any professional knows that the relationship between a client and graphic designer can be fraught with challenges. From demanding customers with unrealistic expectations for their budget to those that simply don’t have a clue, there’s more than one way to ruin a graphic designer’s day.

As a graphic designer, how many times has a client come back to you with feedback that’s both baffling and foolish? We bet it feels common. It’s a well-known fact that some clients simply have difficulty communicating what it is they’re after, don’t understand the concept of design, or are lacking some creativity. When you see a message in your inbox or a missed call from these clients it’s enough to ruin your day before you’ve even opened it.

If you’ve ever been faced with the words like ‘I asked for a logo that just looks like a font’ or ‘make it pop’ you’ll know the feeling of despair well. Phrases like these can put an instant gloom on your day, knowing that you’ll be dealing with tricky suggestions and puzzling criticism.

If you’re facing one of those phases, you might be at a loss of how to respond. Fortunately, we’ve put together a handy (if not, slightly tongue in cheek) guide to get you through 15 of the most common and day ruining comments.

Your go to response to ‘make it pop’? Try dropping shadows on everything, it’ll create that dramatic look that your client seems to be after, although it might create a look that’s a little reminiscent of Word Art. If you hear the words ‘can we make it look friendlier?’ emojis can be your weapon of choice here. Those bright smiling faces can liven up anything (but at the same time make it look cheap).

Fastlabels – a UK label printing company who focus on producing product labels for a wide variety of clients so have worked with thousands of clients from large to small, thought it would be a good idea to put this infographic together complete with simple solutions on how to overcome these challenges (sort of).

15 phrases that will ruin a graphic designer’s day

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