Monthly Archive: January 2009


Electric Photography – special lighting effect

Here are 23 photos taken with a special effect called “Electric Photography“. It seems use a special exposure approach to highlight the edge or the hair/texture of the target in photo. One photo came...


Might be most beautiful insect in the Universe

The common insects that we hardly look at, mostly despise and even abhor, however they might become artistic intricate objects in macro-photography. Of course, some mugshots are frankly quite ugly, reenforcing our general dislike...


Golden Style Window Icons

7 common windows icons in rich golden style will be provided here. All of them are in 256×256 png format. They are recycle bin (empty and full status), my computer, internet, folder(full and empty)...


Sexy Lace Style Icons

20 Lace Style Icons… When I first saw them..en, I got a bit shocked honestly. Anyway, this is a kind of style I never saw before. Just for reference, let us know – icons...


Hand + Painting = Animal ?

In this post, you will find 16 types of animal, not really. They all made by the combination of hand’s gesture and painting on hands… They are really cool…


Creative Billboard and Poster Design 3

A good design always impress people with their sparkling wisdom. You may laugh, surprise, but you always remember. Continue our discussion about Creative Billboard Design and I will add some poster design in this...


Chalk Art on Street

Not sure whether you guys saw some street artist drawing painting on street with their colorful chalk. Most time I saw it, I always can’t help stopping and watching it…. That is amazing! In...


Creative Billboard Design 2

Continue our discussion about Creative Billboard Design. I will present 25 more photos of those design in this post. If you are interested in the my previous series, you can click here to view...


How photographer look like in other’s camera

We saw lots of amazing photos taken by photographer to catch the beauty/special moment of life…However, we have no idea how they took those kind of photos. In this post, you will see how...


3D office assets icons

Here is a set of colorful 3d icons in 256×256, png format. There are 26 in all. You can find disk, film, book, pin, mailbox, film, mic, pencil, book, camera … Notice… please don’t...


Transport Tool Icons

8 types of transport icons from icons land you can find car, van, truck, helicopter, ambulance and police wagon. Notice… please don’t use these illustration for commercial reason… it is only for studying and...


DJ related Icons

There are 9 DJ related icons in this post. The icons are made by Nando Studio You can find speaker, mic, disc, player,etc.,