Lisa Lloyd‘s Brighton studio continues to be the birthplace of an elegant and vibrant menagerie. Renowned for her meticulous precision and the intricate layering process, the artist breathes life into her paper sculptures, infusing each creation with a sense of movement and vitality.

Among her recent works, “Flux” takes center stage. This captivating piece features a pair of fighting fish, their gracefully swishing fins capturing a mesmerizing dance. Created in collaboration with the printer Barnard & Westwood, these bettas showcase tiny speckles and stripes adorning their scales as their bodies gracefully curve towards each other. Lloyd’s artistic repertoire extends beyond “Flux” to include “Ovule,” an anatomical masterpiece revealing a gold spine and a blossoming flower within the body of a bird. Her latest “Rise” series introduces avian-like forms with elegantly extended tails.

Catch a glimpse of these enchanting creations on display through October 15 at the StART Art Fair at Saatchi Gallery in London. For deeper insights into Lisa Lloyd’s artistic journey, explore her captivating process on Instagram.

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