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Floral Alphabet Wreaths by Olga Prinku

In Olga Prinku’s Floral collection, hundreds of dried plants and flowers are sewn into the shape of large capital letters. According to Prinku, this particular technique of weaving flowers on tulle actually came to...


Miniature Japanese Houses With Tons of Details

New York-based artist Simon Lo creates below incredible, scaled-down versions of traditional Japanese houses full of tiny hand-crafted items. Each charming miniature is planned and hand-built with incredible attention to detail. If you only...


Incredible Crafted Bamboo Insects by Noriyuki Saitoh

Bamboo craft expert Noriyuki Saitoh is known for his life-size realistic insect sculptures (previous). Using thinly sliced bamboo, Saitoh formed wings, legs and antennae of all kinds of insects such as Butterfly, dragonfly, beetle,...