Step into the vibrant world of wire artistry with Samuel Troyer, a visionary artist known for his captivating wire sculptures that defy convention and ignite the imagination.

Through his intricate creations, Samuel weaves enchanting tales that transcend the limitations of metal, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of wonder and discovery. With each sculpture, he showcases the seamless fusion of masterful craftsmanship and limitless creativity, leaving an indelible mark on the art world.

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Forever together

This wire sculpture named Forever Together displays a love story of two who will never let go, no matter the storms that rage around them and the wind that pushes them afar. There loving grip will never break.


Astrid is a dancer, she loves to explore the woods, taking the birds and natures sounds around her as music to dance to. She is delightful and joyous, never down about a thing.


Zimri is a warrior, he has his pole arm, and he is in his battle stance, ready to fight his foes.


My beautiful Fiance is in form of a wire sculpture, haha, funny that. I plan on making my future kids a wire sculpture of themselves one day too, that would be fantastic. Anyway, Angelique was my first large scale sculpture, I’ve only ever made small sculptures, but more large scaled sculptures are still to come.

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