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Delicate Lace Sculptures by Ágnes Herczeg

Combining delicate lace art with the knotty branches or other found materials, Hungarian artist Ágnes Herczeg create scenes depicting the contemplative beauty of humanity. These found natural materials are smartly used as a sculpture’s...


Retro Objects and Appliances Covered with Cross Stitch

Using household appliances and cooking tools as the base, Swedish designer Ulla Stina Wikander create some really unusual cross-stitched sculptures. Finding old, outdated appliances, clothing, and furniture, she cloaks them in colorful tapestries. By...


Stunningly Surreal Jellyfish-like Glass Tables

Using a unique process, Italian artisan Daniela Forti create below stunningly surreal and unique glass table sculptures which might remind you of a familiar sea creature – jellyfish. To produce such breathtaking sculptures, Forti...