Step into the captivating realm of kirie art through the innovative eyes of Lito, a 37-year-old Japanese artist with a unique perspective and a talent for transforming ordinary leaves into extraordinary canvases. Living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Lito found solace and focus in the intricate art of kirie, taking an unconventional turn by working with leaves instead of traditional paper, creating beautiful leafy Nnrratives.

Lito’s Artistic Journey:

Several years ago, Lito delved into the world of kirie, seeking an outlet for his heightened concentration and hyper-focus. What sets his work apart is not just the choice of leaves as a canvas but the speed at which he creates. The inherent decomposing nature of leaves compels Lito to work swiftly, resulting in daily creations that are not only intricate but also reflective of his artistic evolution.

Playful Narratives and Respect for Nature:

In adherence to the traditional kirie practice, each piece is meticulously cut from a single leaf, preserving traces of the leaf’s midrib as a mark of respect. What makes Lito’s creations truly magical is the playful narrative infused into each piece. Drawing inspiration from popular films, stories, or his own vivid imagination, Lito breathes life into each leafy canvas.

Discover More:

Follow Lito’s enchanting journey on  Instagram and Twitter, where he continues to share his daily leafy creations and invite you into a world where nature and narrative seamlessly coexist.

Embark on a journey with Japanese artist Lito, crafting enchanting narratives on leaves. Discover the whimsical world of ADHD-inspired kirie art. 🍃✨

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