For over 15 years, Armenian artist Karen Akhikyan has been crafting dynamic wire sculptures that beautifully capture the essence of human motion. His self-taught artistry has evolved into a remarkable ability to infuse raw emotion into the strength and resilience of metal, creating pieces that are both expressive and evocative.

Akhikyan’s sculptures often depict figures in various states of movement, whether lifting heavy stones, hanging from tree limbs, or pushing against obstacles. The innate flexibility of wire allows him to produce an endless variety of gestures and movements, making each piece uniquely dynamic. Yet, these figures are not just in motion; they radiate an inner strength and emotional depth that Akhikyan masterfully transfers into his art.

“Through every experience, it’s an emotional release, pouring my thoughts and feelings into tangible forms,” Akhikyan explains. “This process allows me to create without boundaries and share a piece of my inner world with others. I enjoy the flexibility to shape and mold the wire into intricate forms, allowing me to bring my artistic vision to life with fluidity and spontaneity.”

Incorporating other materials into his sculptures, such as tufa (a type of limestone), adds another layer of depth to his work. His characters interact with the rock by pushing against it, climbing it, or carrying it, creating a striking contrast between metal and stone. One notable piece, “Zero Gravity,” features a bright red parachute made from plexiglass, delicately holding up a falling figure, further showcasing his ability to blend different materials seamlessly.

Akhikyan’s sculptures invite viewers to create their own narratives, leaving ample room for interpretation. He aims to evoke introspection and provoke thought, encouraging viewers to engage with their inner worlds and perspectives. “I want my sculptures to spark conversations and foster a deeper appreciation for the beauty and complexity of human emotions and experiences. Ultimately, if my artwork leaves a lasting impression or sparks a moment of reflection in someone’s life, then I consider it a success.”

To explore more of Karen Akhikyan’s work, follow him on Instagram and purchase his sculptures via Saatchi.

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